50 MW ´Miaoli´ Wind Farm completely connected to the Grid

The largest wind farm of Taiwan has started its full operation, after its connection to the grid of the monopoly distributor Taipower had been completed. Construction, financing and operation was realised under the responibility of infraVest GmbH, the Asian subsidiary of Germany based VWind AG. The wind farm ´Miaoli´ is located directly at the north-western shore of the island, where 25 Enercon E70 turbines with a total rated power of 49,8 MW supply their clean electricity to the Taiwanese customers. Two of the turbines, which are in operation since December 2005, could already prove the fantastic wind conditions in this area. That makes it most enjoyable for the developer now to announce full operation of the wind farm. In the middle of June it will be officially inaugurated in the presence of several high-ranking politicians.


For the PPA, for the grid connection and for the financing of the project infraVest had to step on virgin soil. Nevertheless the team around Karl-Eugen Feifel and Weilin Ma never had a doubt, that their ambitious aims were realistic. The next projects are already well prepared.