Construction Work has started for the Wind Farm Changbin on the West-Taiwanese Shore

With a traditional earth breaking ceremony the construction work has begun to build the second infraVest wind farm on the Taiwanese island. The success of the Miaoli Wind Farm has motivated the Taipei based infraVest engineer team the go straight on to erect the next project, called Changbin Wind Farm. The second wind farm out of infraVest´s project pipeline consists of 45 Enercon E70 turbines, each with a rated power of 2.3 MW and total power of 103.5 MW.


InfraVest demonstrates with its projects, how international cooperation in climate protection is working well: planning, financing, construction and operation of the wind farm is based on a team play of Taiwanese and German companies, and also supported by both governments. Both national economies and the global climate will benefit from this co-operation. The finishing of the first part of the Changbin project is scheduled for the end of 2007.