Three Wind-Turbines in Jade and Zetel start running

Since the beginning of the year two new Enercon E70-turbines produce CO²-free electricity near the little village of Jade. The wind turbines not only produce clean energy without climate warming effects, but also bring Jobs and extra income to this rural county.


The farmer benefits from lease payments of the operating company, the local building company got the contract to build the driveways and the foundations, while the municipality can rely on the future income from business tax payments, and the turbine manufacturer Enercon comes from the region too. Of course, the maintenance will be done by a team of local technicians as well.


In the municipality of Zetel a big 2.3 MW AN Bonus (Siemens) pitch turbine with a rotor diameter of 93 m went on line. Right next to the existing Zetel wind farm innoVent could erect this single Turbine with a hub height of 88m.