EOS - Offshore AG successfully completes 2nd project conference

EOS Offshore AG has filed its second application for an offshore North Sea windfarm with the Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (Federal Office for Maritime Traffic and Hydrography). In the course of the project conference, which was held in February this year, many officials expressed their support for the "Hochsee Windpark 'He dreiht'", as well as for the "Hochsee Windpark Nordsee", based on the fact that both projects are to be located relatively far offshore (ca. 80 km from Borkum) and therefore in relatively conflict-free areas. The results of studies establishing the ecological compatibility of both projects should be filed by the middle of the year. Diverse studies, such as bird and porpoise counts from ship and from the air, benthos studies, etc., are being undertaken since May 2002. These studies will be continued over a period of two years, ending in May 2004. We expect the permits for these two projects to be issued near the end of 2003.