Offshore Wind Farm ´North Sea´ approved by BSH authorities

Today the authority for maritime navigation and hydrography (BSH) granted a licence for the offshore wind farm ´North Sea´ to the Eos Offshore AG (EOS). EOS is a joint venture of the innoVent GmbH and the WPD AG


The site is 90 km north of Borkum island in the north sea. EOS plans to build a 400 MW offshore wind farm with 80 Turbines, standing on the 39 Meter deep sea bottom. The site shows despite the far away location some unique advantages: Neither safety navigation nor the bird migration are endangered and ´there will be no discussion about the impact of the wind farm on the landscape´, says project manager Mark Schneider.


The costs for the approval of such a project are very high. To meet the concerns for the natural marine environment and navigation, the BSH authority asks the applicant for a complete environmental monitoring. For that reason about 100 investigation trips were arranged by order of EOS. The report of the research achievements was checked, appraised and approved by over 50 different authorities and non-governmental organizations.


The offshore wind farm ´North Sea´ will reduce the dependency of the national German power supply on fossil and nuclear sources. After start of operation there will be savings on CO² emissions of 1.3 Mio. tons per year compared to today´s energy mix. The capital expenditure will be about 1000 Mio. ´.