Windfarm "Qingdao"

in operation since December 2003
location China, Province Shandong, Community of Qingdao / Daqiao
size Total 16,35 MW:
12 Turbines Nordex N62 1,3 MW, hub height 69 m, total height 100 m and 3 Turbines Nordex N29, 250 MW, hub height 50 m, total height 65 m
facts Windspeed: (30 m) 5,6 m/s
Annual energy yield: 36900 MWh/a (netto)
Investment: 20 Mio €
Yearly reduction of CO2 emissions: ca. 21000 t
The amount of electricity produced yearly is equivalent to the consumption of ca. 9000 european households or about 60000 chinese housholds
 Building site contracts, technical and economical planning, building permit, financing, call for tenders, co-investment*, supervision of building works, grid connection, turn key taking-over, technical operation management**
  * project partner: Nordex AG, ** partner technical operation management: Deutsche Windguard

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